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The first indicator of an animal problem in the attic is the noise. You may hear scratching or thumping, or scittering or nuts rolling around or even vocal noises. But you still don’t know what type of animal or animals are up there! It’s very helpful to know what type of critters are living in your attic, because the approach to solving the problem varies greatly depending on the type of animal. Removing raccoons is a very different strategy than removing rats! Let’s examine the various clues. First up is the noise. If the sounds are in the daytime, especially early morning or evening, you have squirrels in your house. If the noise is at night but very heavy sounding, and slow, it’s likely raccoons. Opossums are another option, but they are rarer. Raccoons are also most likely to make vocal noises. If the noise is a fast pitter-patter at night, especially if there’s any noise going up and down the walls, then it’s likely rats or mice, though it could be flying squirrels. If you hear fluttering and chirping, it could be bats or birds. Read more about the types of animal noises in the attic.